About Us

Eternal – Attorneys at Law is a specialized law firm based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania dedicated to provide legal and consultancy services to clients, locally and overseas. Our firm specialize in the fields of Tax Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Compliance and Advisory, Banking and Finance, Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Employment Law, Competition Law, Immigration Law, Family Law and Succession Law and Estate Planning.

Tax compliance is challenging for any individual or business. Our tax team is here to support our clients from advising on strategy to resolving disputes.

We provide to our clients with insightful advice on transactions, commercial matters, governance and regulatory issues. Our firm provide business advisory..

In today’s world, lenders and borrowers are faced with complexities of banking and financial transactions.

Our firm advise clients on new developments in law and procedures so as to ensure that all policies and procedures are fully compliant with the relevant law.

Our firm advice clients on the legal aspects of employment law to ensure full compliance with all the applicable laws and provisions. We offer our legal services on all aspects of the employment relationship…