The Tax Administration Act
• Fiscal devices include other electronic systems that are used to produce electronic receipts and invoices.
• Taxpayers Identification Number (TIN) to be registered and issued to every Tanzanian registered and issued with a National Identification Number.
• Commissioner-General to license individuals to act as Tax Consultants on behalf of any person.
• A duly licensed Tax Consultant may act as an agent of the taxpayer.
• Compulsory filing of tax returns electronically on or before the due date.
• Compulsory registration and monitoring of storage facilities by the Commissioner-General.
• The Commissioner-General retains the power to remit any interest or penalty imposed.

The Income Tax Act
• Definition of “business” to include transaction or activity carried out through the internet or an electronic means.
• Introduction of digital services tax rate of 2% to non-resident service providers.
• Withholding tax exempted on corporate or municipal bonds.
• Individuals are now required to withhold tax on rent payments.
• Recognition of alternative financing arrangements which have been approved by the Bank of Tanzania.
• Prescribed income tax rates on persons engaging in the transportation of passengers and goods.
• Corporation residential status to include the management and control exercised in Tanzania physically or electronic means.
• Provision of tax credits for business or investment operating in both Mainland Tanzania and Tanzania Zanzibar.

The Value Added Tax (VAT) Act
• Definition of “alternative financing product” includes any financial product approved by the Bank of Tanzania other than conventional financial products.
• Minister of Finance granted powers to exempt VAT on strategic investors after approval of the National Investment Steering Committee (NISC)
• The Minister of Finance has powers to make regulations on prescribing the manner and procedure of dealing with loans, including alternative financing products approved by the Bank of Tanzania.

The Tax Revenue Appeals Act
• Provision of the amicable settlement of tax disputes without the involvement of mediators.

The Vocational Education and Training Act
• Exemption of Skills and Development Levy (SDL) on payments made to intern students from universities who are under
the Tanzania Employment Service Agency program.

The Gaming Act
• The definition of “winning” has widened.
• Definition of “withholding agent” includes a person required to withhold gaming tax on winning from payment and remit the amount withheld to the Commissioner.
• The provisions of the Tax Administration Act apply to the Gaming Tax Act.

The Business Names (Registration) Act
• The definition of “beneficial ownership” has widened.
• Imposition of a fine of a minimum of TZS 1,000,000 and a maximum of TZS 5,000,000 on failure to disclose the change of beneficial ownership or statement of particulars containing information on the beneficial owners of a partnership.
• Information on the beneficial owners of a business held by the Registrar to be accessible to National Competent Authorities, the Financial Intelligence Unit, and the Tanzania Revenue Authority.

The Insurance Act
• Mandatory insurance for the importation of goods, operation of a public market, commercial building, marine vessel, ferry, or pontoon.
• Minister to make regulations on commercial buildings, public markets, and imported goods that require mandatory insurance.

The Land Act
• Reduction of interest on land rent arrears from 1% per month to 0.5%.

Occupational Safety and Health Act
• The Occupational Safety and Health Authority (OSHA) to issue Compliance Licenses within 7 days upon fulfilling all application requirements.

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